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A Tradition of Percision Machining Since 1940

Our Story

When Jack Schaffner Sr. began working at 14 as a Latheman in the machining trade he had no idea that 4 generations later, his name would come to represent one of the Midwest’s most respected and innovative machining companies.

By 1940, Jack Sr. had accomplished much in the machining trade as a Master Latheman working for H & H Machine Company in St. Louis, MO.  Over the years of his employment Jack Sr. had built up a list of clients doing auto parts repair on the side, and determined that he would like to pursue the American dream by starting a business of his own.  So, in 1940, Schaffner Machine Works was opened.

During World War II the business (now incorporated as Schaffner Machine Company) grew with the boom of manufacturing that occurred throughout the US.  After the war, SMC benefited greatly from the surplus of machine equipment in the country and the young men returning from Europe.  In fact, Jacks son, Jack Jr., was one of those young men returning home eager to work and assume more responsibility in his father’s company.

In the 4 decades following the Great War, the company expanded its service into many industries, including the aerospace, automotive, hospital, and banking industries.  As a well respected and mature business, Schaffner Machine Company employed a thirst for quality products and traditional service to meet the needs of its clients, but it had not yet embraced the use of cutting edge innovation such as CNC technology.  That development did not occur until Jack Jr.’s son, Jack III, left the oil industry where he had been working as a General Field Engineer, Sales Engineer, and Geophysicist, and took over the position as President of the company in 1995.

Since that time Jack III has overseen the growth of the company by 500% by broadening SMC’s client base, expanding the product line, modernizing quality control procedures, and instituting industry standard shop management software.

Nearly 70 years later, Schaffner Machine Company honors the tradition of quality service started by Jack Schaffner in 1940 by employing creative solutions, improved efficiency, and increasing precision to meet the needs of its clients in a global economy.

1928 Jack Schaffner I working for H&H Macnine Co.

1945 Jack Schaffner I, Bob Schaffner, Eleanor Schaffner, and Jack Schaffner jr.

1949 Jack Schaffner I and Schaffner Machine Works Building

1982 Jack Schaffner III, Senior Field Engineer for Schlumberger International

Jack Schaffner III, CEO for Schaffner Machine Company with his wife, daugher, son-in-law, and grandson.

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Schaffner Machine Company Has Been Serving Industry Over 60 Years Through 4 Generations